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James Armistead
Pictures Of James Armistead

This is just a little about who James Armistead was.

James Armistead wasn't a leader but if he was I think he would have been a great one. This name means nothing to most Americans alive today but James was a key asset in the Revolutionary war. He was one of the, if not the most important spies in the American Revoloution. What is more interesting is that he was a black slave that volunteered to serve in the war. It was very uncommon for someone of African herritage to recieved such a high amount of trust. This man was a great one for he offered to serve with nothing in return, there was no promise to be freed or treated better but he did it because he though it was right.He was 21 when he volunteered, but everyone soon saw how intelligent and resourceful he was. His greatest success was when he learned of Cornwallis's plan to attack Yorktown. James quickly alerted General Lafayette and he moved his troops to Williamsburg where he could watch for the british arrival. They had the british in a trap, the French fleet defeated the British warships and Layafette and his men trapped them on land and drove the British back to New York.For James's excellent work Layafette wrote a certificate praising his work. James sent this to Virginia asking to be set free and the council agreed. James becames a free man and soon changed his names to James Arimstead Layafette. He helped open places for free blacks and helped abolish slavery. This man was a great one and hopefully will not be forgotten.

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A Famous Portrait Of James Armistead

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